Friday, July 31, 2015

Around the Homestead July2015


July has been a busy month, we built a carport on the side of the house for my truck as it will not fit in the garage, the kitchen is getting new cabinets and countertop, and the garden area is getting some updates as well.

 As you know my hubby and I stripped the kitchen last month and that there was a problem with the cabinet order. We have been living without a kitchen for about a month 

I removed the flower bed beside the garage.

And a carport is was built in its place.

The driveway was also replace and widened at the same time.

The garden area needed some serious help it has been cleaned up and mulch has been added, next up is paint for the beds.

This little guy came to visit, he was tiny. Sam seemed to like him and he was not afraid of us so I moved him to shelter under a tree.

And the fence is on its way to being finished.

Its been a very busy month so far.

Happy homesteading!

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