Tuesday, July 7, 2015

30+ days without a kitchen: week 2

4th Of July Week

Week two without a kitchen and we are still surviving. Things are getting better as we are settling in to the fact we have no kitchen, I even set up a nice washing area in the garage to do dishes.

This week was filled with BBQ's for the 4th of July. Almost every day was filled with family and friends and good eats. Thank goodness it's the summer and we can use the grill. I won't bother you with a day to day but instead I will post all the yummy pictures and some recipes.

 Pork ribs and roasted corn on the grill. I used a Memphis style rub on the ribs and grilled them until they fell off the bone. The corn is shucked and wrapped in foil with a little butter and grilled for about 20 mins turning often.

4th of July weekend BBQ.

Chicken kabobs

Italian style baked beans

Key lime cheese cake and pineapple cake.

Recipes coming soon.

We had burgers and hotdogs the other days of the week so I didn't include any photos.


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