Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mystery Plants from the Nursery

Yesterday I stopped at my local nursery to see if anything called out to me and found these.

There was a sign on them saying they were Oops plants, 50 cents per flat. So I asked about them, I was told they were supposed to be a flat of 6 bell peppers but as you can see they are 3 bell peppers and 3 mystery plants, planted by mistake. The nursery worker said they were some kind of eggplant (she thinks). I thought ok I'm game, 50 cents, not a bad price to see what they grow into, plus I get 3 pepper plants.

So yes I bought a flat and brought them home. I planted them in one of my beds next to the 3 pepper plants that were also in the flat and now it's just a waiting game to see what they become. 

What will they be, what will they be?

I can't wait.

Am I the only one that would try this?

Happy gardening!

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