Monday, June 1, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Cold Snap

So last week (Memorial Day weekend) I planted my veggie garden as I do every year, all was going well every thing was in and then we got an unseasonable cold snap. The very next day the night time temp drop to 32 degrees.

 I could not believe it, all of my work growing the plants from seed, caring for them and planting them gone in one cold night.

I was so sad I could not even think about it! I left the plants where they were hoping that they may survive but not expecting much.

Then just yesterday I went out to check them and there it was, growth. My poor sad little plants are starting to grow again. 

 Sorry this is not a good picture but can you see the little leaves starting to grow in the elbows of the plant?
Here is my basil, it's so pretty! It's starting to grow back I'm so happy.

This lesson has taught me I need to get my row cover tunnels made for next spring and maybe for this fall so I can have a late crop of tender veggies.

I hope your gardens are growing nicely!

Happy gardening!

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