Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Walk Around the Homestead May 2015

Just a small walk around to see all that is growing. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Yellow Iris

Red Lily Beatle on an Easter Lily my father in-law gave me. I should have checked them before I put them in my garden. Oh well, I only have a few so I think I can eradicate them before they get to far.

Can you see the toads in the center of the picture. I dug them up when I was moving a brick walkway. Sorry guys you're being evicted. I moved them to a toad house I have in the front flower bed.

These pop up every now and then around the garden. It's always random and always a pleasant surprise when they show up.

Sedum, don't remember what kind.

 Purple Columbines

Purple Iris

Marigolds in the veggie garden.

A strawberry that refuses to be contained.

My beans are coming along nicely.

Starting to ripen.

I hope you enjoyed your walk.

Happy Gardening!

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