Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Patio Bed

About 5 years ago we put in a patio in the back yard when we put the addition on the house. Shortly after we reseeded the lawn which came out very nicely the grass around the patio seemed to get burned and die mid summer. After a little investigation we discovered it was from the crushed stone that was put down under the patio. The crushed stone extended out about a foot and a half beyond the patio, when the patio heated up in the hot sun of summer it cause the stone to heat up and burn the grass so I decided I needed a fix to this problem. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I wanted to be a diy project, last year I got my hands on some recycled brick when we took out the front walk as it was falling into disrepair.

this is what it looked like when I finished the bricks.

Here is what I did (when I say I, I mean "I", I did all by myself. Well as you can see Sam helped a little). I installed a string line so I could keep it straight and dug out what was left of the grass. I then add a line of bricks along the concrete patio edge.

I then started on the outside of the bed I leveled it as I went along. I put mortar under the bottom layer and landscape block adhesive between the layers.

I then raked the soil so it was even and added some to fill it in where it was low.

I then put down landscape paper and filled it with mulch.

A few pictures of the side.

And then planted it with some bushes.

I could only get 4 bushes so it's not quit finished but I have the rest on order so it will be soon.

Now all I need to do is get the dog to go potty some where else!
(The brown spots you see in the lawn are from my best bud Sam.)


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