Monday, May 18, 2015

Melancholy day on the Homestead

Today has been an unfortunate and distressful day here on the homestead.

do not read on if you do not like the sight of death

I got up this morning just like any other day, I let my dog Sam out to do his business and that's when it happened.
There was a bunny in the back yard inside the fence where Sam runs and plays well he saw her and started to chase her. Now this is not anything new and I did not get to stressed by it because Sam has yet to get a bunny so I just yelled and he backed off. The bunny went through the fence and took off.

I decided to have a walk around the garden while he was doing his business and just as I got to the other side of the yard I heard his tell-tail high pitched bark. I ran over to where he was to see him ripping a large hole in the yard and there just in front of him was a rabbit nest with babies in it. 
I was able to get him calmed down and back into the house but the damage was done. There in the hole were 4 cute little bunnies, just starting to grow hair with their eyes still closed right in the middle, one of them had a puncture wound in its neck just behind its ear.  I just sat there for a minute and cried, I knew that this little bunny was not going to make it.
I carefully picked it up and brought it inside, put it in a basket on a soft towel and covered it to keep it warm.

I went back outside and carefully covered the nest back up and put up a fence to keep the dog out of the area. 

Now all I can do is hope that mommy bunny comes back. Everything I have read says she should but we shall see.

Now I know that this is the way life is, I'm not one of those people that thinks everything should live forever. I'm a meat eater and I have eaten rabbit I just don't like senseless painful death. It's sad to have such a small helpless little baby suffer like this poor bunny.

I am not upset at Sam he was just doing what he has been breed to do and he was not punished. This is my fault I know there are bunnies running around in the yard and I should keep a better eye out for them.

The poor baby did not make it so I took him out back and buried him at the back of my garden.

(I took this picture to remind myself that I should be doing better)

I left him some flowers.

I hope your day was better than mine!

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