Thursday, May 28, 2015

Building the New Strawberry Bed


Strawberries are my official fruit of spring, they welcome you to summer after a long winter. If I could have an acre of just strawberry plants I would but I can't so I'm trying to tuck them into my garden wherever I can.
I already have one of those metal strawberry towers and several plants randomly planted in my mini orchard so now I'm adding another bed in the garden area.

I started with this frame that I have from an old tree that I no longer have. I put down chicken wire and cardboard to keep out the critters and weeds. Then added soil.

I built an other level with some 2x4's (I cut the boards so they would fit inside the bottom layer and fit together to make this decorative affect) and added the decorative center with some left over Trex pieces. 

And added the strawberry plants.

I was able to plant 20 plants on the bottom level and 12 on the upper level. I am thinking about planting Borage in the 6 holes in the center. I can't wait to get some yummy strawberries from it.

I think it looks nice don't you?

Happy Gardening!

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