Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cold winters Day: Seed and Plant catalogs

"Baby It's Cold Outside"

We are in a deep freeze here in New York with the weather in the single digits and the windchill in the -20's makes me want to snuggle in bed all day. What better time to round up all of the seed and plant catalogs that have been coming in.

I get so excited when the seed catalogs come in the mail, I start daydreaming about all the new things I want to add to my garden. All of my grandiose ideas come flowing in, I could spend a whole day just looking at them. So many types of vegetables, all the fruit trees and berry bushed, if only I had more space! 


Oh wait! Calm down, get yourself together, you will be ok! stop and think about what you can realistically tackle this year.

Time to look at my garden plan from last year and see what I still like and what I want to change and add.

Here is my new plan (sorry for the bad picture, I could not zoom in without it going fuzzy) It's not much different from last year just a few more beds with some moved around a bit.
This year I will have the fence done and the 12x12 shed built.
I am going to try some new veggies (new to me) and add more fruit trees.
I'm going to try adding some asparagus and some spaghetti squash this year in the beds and a 5-N-1 apple tree, a 5-N-1pear tree and a fruit cocktail tree (not pictured). I also want to add a few hazelnut trees but that might have to wait until next year.
My first order is for the 3 new fruit trees and the asparagus, I just placed that online and will be ordering seeds and raspberry bushes after doing a little more research and planning. I am also going to have an herb garden this year so I'll be thumbing though the catalogs for some of those too.

Here is a small list of catalogs that I subscribe to 

There are several more out there but these are the ones I. You can try a google search and find anything you want.

Thanks for looking and enjoy!