Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcoming 2015

As we say goodbye to 2014 I'd like to have a little look back. My first summer as a conscious home gardener and urban homesteader has been an eye opener. I have learned a lot and yet still have so much left to learn.
  • The Mini Orchard - I cleaned up my back yard and planted phase one of the mini orchard. It currently has 2 pear trees (1 bartlett and 1 moonglow). The moonglow is doing very well, the bartlett not so much. There are 2 more spots to plant apple trees in the spring.
  • The compost area - I built (my hubby built) a 2 bin compost bin with recycled vinyl shutters. It seems to be working well but should have been bigger. May redesign it in the spring.
  • The Pallet Shed - Now the pallet shed worked out very well, just big enough for my garden supplies. It is holding up well and looks good and cost me almost nothing.
  • The Garden area - Still needing a lot of work. I did plant some veggies this summer, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, and a few others. 
I had the best crop of tomatoes and peppers I've ever had thanks to a sheep farmer friend that gave me the best pile of sheep poop. I mixed it into the raised beds and hoped for the best. Well the best happened! I canned a batch of tomato sauce and put 6 gallon bags in the freezer for another batch later. I had enough peppers to make a batch of sweet pepper relish (first time ever) that turned out to be very tasty. I ate cucumber tomato salad all summer, it was the best cucumber tomato salad I have ever had. My zucchini did good as well. I froze several bags of shredded zucchini for bread this winter. 
I've learned that no matter how hard I try I can't get anymore hours out of a day. 24 hours is all we get! Time management is the key, I have to get better at that in 2015.
I have also learned that working with others is very important. I can not have chickens or any other farm animals where I live so I have to find someone that does and hopefully buy or trade for what I need.
So many things, to many to remember so I'll stop here and just say

Thank you 2014 for all of your lessons!

2015 I hope you turn out to be a great year!

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