Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My New Dehydrator

The first addition of 2015 to my quest to save money, my new dehydrator.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this purchase, I never buy anything right off. I always toy with the idea for a long time, do I need it, do I have something else that will work instead, is it on sale, can it wait until another time, what features do I really want and need, ext. I did this so long when I wanted a new refrigerator that the one I wanted they stopped making and I was very sad. I do have a nice new refrigerator that I do love but it does not have all of the features I had originally wanted.

Ok back to my new dehydrator.

I wanted one that heated from the back because they seem to distribute heat better and the ones that heat from the bottom have issues with stuff dripping on the heater and causing problems. All of the ones that heated from the back were out of my price range so I decided on the next best thing, one that heats from the top. That solves the dripping problem now I had to look for one that will solve the  heat distribution issue in my price range. I went to comparing.guru.com to look at the top rated models and brands. There were only 2 brands in the top 10 (Excalibur and Nesco) so that narrowed it down a bit for me. The Excalibur models were the ones that heated from the back and out of my price range. So Nesco it is, then I needed to find the model I wanted. I was looking for one that had different temp settings, a timer, expandable, and included some accessories (fruit roll trays and the clean-a-screen). The wattage was not as important but not to low so I settled on mid range.

Here is what I chose.
It has Converga-Flow air flow to solve the airflow concern, heats from the top, is expandable, has 6 temp settings, and comes with 2 fruit roll trays and 2 clean-a-screens.
It does not have a timer but it gives me everything else that I wanted so I compromised. It only cost me $75 with free shipping from Drugstore.com, right in my price range. 
All of the parts except the heater is top rack dishwasher safe, another plus (I hate washing dished).
Did I mention its BPA free?

I was so excited when it came I could not wait to try it. I had left over strawberries from a holiday party, not wanting to waste them I put them in the blender and spread them out on one of the fruit roll trays and turned it on.

And voila 

I can't wait until I can use it on goodies from the garden!


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