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Honey is a sweet food made by bee using nectar from flowers

Raw honey (unheated and unpasteurized) has small amounts of several vitamins such as B5, B1, B2, B3, B6 and C as well as several other nutrients, giving it antioxident, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

My honey stash.
I have several jars of honey in my stash.

Local raw creamed honey.

I have a beekeeper friend that I get my creamed honey from, this my staple honey. I use it in my coffee because it does not drip or run. I drink a lot of coffee, I hate it when the honey drizzles all over the counter. (something that happens when I'm sleepy trying to make my morning coffee)
Creamed honey does not do this.

Raw liquid honey from the mountains of North Carolina

I picked this up while visiting North Carolina last year. You should buy your honey from someone you trust so you know how it was handled but I wanted to try a jar from somewhere I did not live to see how it tasted, different flowers give it a different taste.

Raw buckwheat honey from my home town.
Now here is my prized honey


Growing up this was the honey I ate, I didn't know there was any other kind of honey. See I grew up in a small town in western NY where there was a plant that made buckwheat products and we had buckwheat fields everywhere. Its is one of the oldest buckwheat companies in the US, we would go into town and smell the buckwheat cooking.
ohhhhh it smelled soooo good.
anyway back to the honey, buckwheat honey comes from bees getting pollen from the flowers of the buckwheat plant. It is known as BLACK honey because it looks black or purple in the light. It can be found in New York, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Canada.
It has a very malty taste almost like molasses but not over sweet, its great for baking and in pancakes and cookies.

Local Amish honey that crystalized 

Similar to creamed honey, both have turned to a crystalized form but the creamed honey's crystals are small and more rounded as where to regular crystalized honey has larger more distinct crystals. They both taste the same and act the same in cooking, the creamed honey just feels better on the tongue. 

a closer look at creamed honey.


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