Thursday, November 27, 2014

The ramblings of a Yarn-aholic


Ok, I said it, I love yarn. I can’t get enough of it. I look for it everywhere I go, yard sales, thrift stores, discount shops, anywhere I think I can get some. I wouldn’t call it an addiction it's more of a savings plan for the future. Yeah, that's it, a savings plan. Some people collect gold, I collect yarn. Gold will not keep you warm when the power goes out, blankets carefully hand crafted from yarn will.

I have so much yarn I don’t think I could use it all in my life time.
All yarn
Also all yarn
Thick yarn, fluffy yarn, fancy, plain, baby yarn, wool, alpaca, I even have yarn my mother in law found for me from the 1930’s
Baskets, bags and tubs of yarn, so many pretty colors, so soft and fluffy!

Again ALL Yarn

A few years ago when we put an addition on our house my hubby had the builders put a full basement in just to have the room to store it all. I’ll keep him!



OK maybe I have an addiction
The first step is admitting you have a problem.

And Yarn

I’ve made blankets for the homeless, hats for babies in third world countries, gifts for family and friends, and have contributed the the family income with a shop on ETSY. Crocheting got me through a deployment to Iraq, the fear and unknown of cancer, and many days alone while my hubby was away. 

Most of it I don’t yet have a use for but when I do I’ll be ready!

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