Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What I've learned so far

Fall is in full swing and cleanup is in progress. I am torn this time of year, I love the smells and colors of fall but I miss all the pretty flowers and garden veggies growing.

I worry that I didn't grow enough to get through the winter but I can't do anything about it now except plan better for next year. I don't yet have the resources for winter gardening so if I fall short I will have to break down and go to the store. Not something I like to do but will if I have to.

What I have learned this year so far.

-There are not enough hours in a day (the fence, phase 2 of the mini orchard, the door on the pallet shed, and the grape vines did not get done)
-I should take on fewer projects
-Homesteading in the city has more limitations than I thought
-Organic gardening is not as hard as I thought
-Homegrown food taste so much better
-What did not grow last year was not a reflection on what did or not grow this year
-I'm not as organized as I want to be
-I'm stronger than I knew
-With help from your friends anything is possible

Happy fall! Happy homesteading!

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