Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pallet tool shed

I needed storage space for all of my garden tools but am not ready to build a large shed. I heard people talking about making houses and other structures with pallets so I thought I would try to make a small shed with them.
Now it's not anything great but it will keep my garden tools and stuff out of the element for the winter. I don't imagine it will last more than a few year but that's fine. I'm only looking for a few years to save up enough money and salvaged materials to build a larger more stable one.

Pallets can be obtained from just about any company that gets large shipments. I got mine from the tile store in the city (and a couple from work). Check your hardware stores or home improvement stores the always have pallets. Please ask before taking, some of the stores return their pallets for money.

 Pallets come in different size so I waited until after I got my pallets tofigured out what the shed was going to look like. I decided on one that is 2 pallets wide, 1 deep, and 1 high.

I screwed the 2 base pallets together and leveled them with some brick pieces that I had left over from the retaining wall we built a few years ago.

I then added the sides and back. I used shorter ones for the back because I wanted the top to slope a bit so rain could run off. 

I then cut the sides at an angle (I didn't get a picture of this. I was in a grove and forget to stop for the picture) and added supports for the top. 

I added plywood all around. I did have to buy this but I got it really cheap. I bought discounted sheets that had defects from Home Depot. Something that most people don't know is if you ask them for the defective ones they will sell them at a discount if they have any. I paid $18 for 4 sheets that were originally $9 each. Not bad. 

I then put the roof on. I bought an open bundle of shingle for half off. About $15. 

And here it is ready for some paint.
It has rained here for a week so the painting is on hold. I wanted to put cedar shingles on the sides but they were too expensive and I could not find any recycled ones. I am still on the look out so maybe in the spring.

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