Monday, August 11, 2014

My FoodSaver

I felt the need to talk about this today. I have been using my handy dandy Food saver quit a lot lately. It's that time of year when I put away a ton of veggies from the garden. One of my most valuable tools in this process besides my canner is my Food saver. If you don't have one you might want to look into getting one. There are a few different brands that have different features like the Vacmaster, Caso, and Cuisinart. Do some research and find one that will work for you. What they do is suck out all the air and seal your food in freezer safe bags, making your food last longer and help prevent freezer burn. 

I've had mine for many years now. I love it! It's getting old and needs a little assistance sealing (I have to push down on it to get it to seal) but I like its features and we have been together a long time so I'm keeping it a little while longer. 

There a few accessories that this model came with and a few that I purchased that make it invaluable.

 The wide mouth jar sealer(also comes in regular mouth). Great for sealing jars of bulk dry goods. I purchased this on line but you can get one from anywhere that sells the Food saver. I use mine for sealing anything from rice and beans to flour and powdered drink mixes. Also good for homemade soup mixes.                                                  
The instructions say it's not good for things like flour because flour is to fine and will get pulled into the tube and not seal.                                  I have only had this happen a few times and I fixed it by wiping down the gasket inside the sealer and letting it dry. That seems to work. 

Then there are the containers that come with the sealer. These work by attaching the tubing to the button on the top and sealing them.
Came with unit
Found at a flee market
These are great for things that you are going to open more often and things with a shorter shelf life like nuts. 
I use mine for walnuts and chocolate chips.

And of course there is the handy dandy wine cork.

I have yet to use this. I for some reason never have left over wine. 
That's thought provoking. Maybe I'll open a bottle of wine and think about that.

And finally 
The Vacu Top Universal lid. 

Another accessory I have yet to use but I found it at a flee market with the extra containers for $2 so I couldn't pass them up.


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  1. I have worked withBest Vacuum Sealer chambers in my 25+ years in electronics. One aspect to note is that to get a truly air tight seal, we used to have to dress like surgeons and clean the sealing surfaces to ridiculous levels. A single human hair would absolutely prevent prumping down a chamber to vacuum. Not to mention fingerprints, dust or grease of any sort.The air in the lunar habitat(s) will be more valuable than gold for the first decade(s) of occupation. Door seal contamination must be a very serious problem on a planetary surface. Especially on the moon where the dust is finer than flour and dryer than you can imagine. In orbital craft, this local dust problem is virtually non exisitant. At least for now