Sunday, August 10, 2014

Farmers Markets

Farmers markets

Growing up my sister and I would go to the Windmill Farmers Market on Saturdays. It was one of my favorite things to do. You could find us standing in front of the homemade fudge vender or buying homemade biscuits and bread from the Amish bakers. 

This past weekend my hubs and I drove 3 hours so I could return to my childhood and spend the day perusing those very same venders at that very same farmers market. It had the same smells and sounds as it always had. It takes me back to those wonderful days of my youth. 
Amish bakers stand

Now a days, farmers markets have become a place for me to supplement my veggie garden. I have never been able to grow beans. I don’t know why. I just can’t (if anyone has any tips that would be great). So I buy them by the bag full from the farmers market. If I have a bad year I will buy whatever did not do well (like last year my peppers did not grow) to put away for winter.

I find it’s also a great place to try new veggies, when patty pans came on the market years ago I got my first taste of them from a vender at our local farmers market. Farmers markets are a great place to buy local, get fresh produce and meet your local farmers.

Our trip was amazing! We did not find any beans but we did score some peaches, nectarines, corn and some delicious baked goods.

Doesn't it all look just so yummy?

All the yummy goodness of locally grown food and some amazing Amish baked goods. Oh and that jar in the back of the picture is a 5lb jar of buckwheat honey. 

I love honey, my most favorite is buckwheat honey. But that will be another post.

If you want some good reasons to shop your local farmers market have a look at this site:

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