Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My DIY Mini Orchard (phase 1)

Just because you live in the city doesn't mean you can't have fresh homegrown fruit. 
I wanted to have fruit trees so I decided to plant my own mini orchard.

I have had this haphazard flower bed in the back yard for about 5 years now and it just never looked good.

decided I wanted to plant pear trees a couple of year’s ago when my mom moved from her country home and I lost my supply of fresh pears. Looking around my property for the best place to plant them I stood there looking at that ugly flower bed. It’s the perfect spot, it gets full sun and the soil is right. The best part is its right along the fence line between us and our nosey neighbor. In the summer when the trees are full they should block him from seeing into our back yard. Perfect! 
I started by laying out bricks that I salvaged from the porch we ripped out a few years ago. They are laid out so that there are 4 circular areas for the trees.

The project started out with just 2 trees and a few flowers, it has morphed into 6 trees, many flowers, and 2 phases. The first phase will be 4 trees, 2 pears and 2 apples. I already had the pear trees so I planted them first. I wanted to get them in the ground right away.
Next I dug a trench and laid the bricks at ground level so the mower can run on them as an edging. Can you see all the weeds? That’s my next step.

I decided I didn’t want to dig up all of the plants and dig out the whole bed so I’m weeding and moving plants by section.
I reused the flowers that were already in the bed. I cleaned them up, divided the crowded ones and 
moved them to their new homes. I’m torn on whether  I want to add mulch so for now I’m leaving it 
out. It still needed something so I salvaged some old decorative garden fencing I had laying around.

I spruced them up with a new paint job; I think they look much better. Don’t you?

And here it is all done.


  1. I can't wait to see it all grown in. Please post pictures when it is.

  2. Love the use of recycled materials! Thanks for sharing