Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Strawberry Bed

So this is my much neglected strawberry bed.

As you can see its full of weeds. I spent the whole day today cleaning out the dead leaves and weeding it.
It's still a bit crowded with strawberry plants because I let the runners go wild during its neglect but I think it look a whole lot better. I am planning on moving some of the plants to another bed after the picking season is over. This should make the plants much more happy and they will produce more and larger fruit.

The berries are starting to get big. Oh I can't wait till I can pick a bunch! I don't spray my plants with any pesticides. I never had any problems with bugs, there are a few that will go after your strawberries like the strawberry bud weevil and the spittle bug. I have not had much problem with them so for now I don't spray. I do however have problems with birds and chipmunks.  Those little buggers see my nice ripe berries and go right for them. The worst part is they don't just eat one or two, they take a bit out of each one destroying them all so I don't get any.

Strawberry rocks have been floating around Pinterest for a while so I decided to make my own version. The picture above is the finished project. Can you see the little red stones? So what I did was paint a bunch of small stones bright red. They say to put them in your strawberry bed in the spring before the berries are ripe. When the birds see them they will come to eat the berries only to be fooled by the stones. Over time they will stop coming because they learn that they can't eat them. By then the berries are ripe and the birds leave them alone.
 So they say. 
Here's a few pictures of what I did.

Simple enough. The tutorials I read said to paint them to look like strawberries but I didn't go that fancy. Just painted them red and done. 
We shall see how it works.

I also put a small fence around it to keep out small critters and gave it a bit of organic fertilize. 
Well there you have it. My strawberry bed is ready for the season. This small bed should give me enough berries for a few strawberry shortcakes, a batch of jam and even some to put in the freeze for the winter.
I hope you enjoyed reading my days adventure.

Update: I said yesterday that I don't have problems with pests, well the little buggers made me a lier. 

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